Quotes ( Humayun Ahmed) Lesson (1)

(1) A girl can cry very easily. Because sometimes they get used to crying after getting a little trouble. But a boy cries when he can't hold on to his pain. At that moment, her tears became so intense. All the happiness in the world and if it is brought, no one has the power to stop the crying.

(2) Because nature loves mysteries, the best children send people to earth with various mysteries. Throughout his life every man plays his mystery game. But nature does not give everyone the same mystery on the scales.

(3) A special aspect of the character of the girls is that the moment they feel the interest of the other party, the moment they go out.

(4) The game of creating illusions is a very favorite game of nature.

(5) Emotions have to be hidden. Extreme emotion does not allow people to move forward.

(6) One man pretends the most in his letter. Anyone who can rise above this pretense has to be given the respect he deserves.

(7) People wake up in dreams of terrible fear and people wake up in dreams of unusual joy.

(8) Only those who live with hardships know what a night it is for them. Even if the pain is kept in the middle of the chest all day, it cannot be prevented in any way at night. Although the pain does not come out of the chest, tears come out of the eyes

(9) Good people are more angry. Those who swear are not angry. He will laugh even if he is kicked in the ass.

(10) Rati is born with the infinite power to be cruel.

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