14 Best life Quotes Inspirational Quotes About Success Status in English 2021

 (1) If you stumble in life, do not despair; Let new inspiration be created from stumbling

(2) Do not let the "suspicion" virus enter your mind ... Doubt alone is one hundred to create unrest.

(3) Excessive indulgence leads to deterioration instead of improvement in all cases ... Don't forget, if you put extra air in the balloon, the balloon will burst !!!

(4) It is foolish to go to find the reason for the change of someone who has trouble using it !!!! ...... In fact, nothing has changed, only his mask has been removed

(5) He who understands both his own interests and the interests of others ... is wise:

He who does not understand the tie between the two is a fool

He who understands his own interests and not the interests of others is the bone of contention

(6) Belief and trust in ourselves and not in others should be the path of our path ... ........ Remember that even your own shadow is not a guide in the dark !!!

(7) Don't let the spectacles of the mind become blurred:

(8) Do not fall into the shadow of the problem. ... remember there is a source of light behind every shadow !!!

(9) "I love happiness because there is sorrow

Expecting happiness because of suffering "

..... grief / suffering no more

........ Let there be a flood of happiness

(10) Don't make promises that you can't keep. Disappointing suffering causes bleeding in the heart. Promise breakers are certainly hated and cursed.

(11) The building of happiness over the sorrows of others is fleeting.

(12) Recognizing and understanding someone are two completely different perspectives. Do we understand all the people we know ??? .... but how easy it is to comment on people !!!

....... but the liquid drink is hidden in the hard shell of the coconut

(13) If the boy who can't speak until the age of four, the mentally handicapped boy who can't read until the age of seven, can one day be Albert Einstein, then you can be something too.

(14) If the boy who suffered from hormonal deficiency and malnutrition as a child, whose father did not have enough money to pay for treatment, could one day be the Lionel Messi who could successfully reach the skies, then there are many doors open for you.

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