Humayun Ahmed Quotes Lesson (2)

(1) For polite boys, love never awakens in the minds of girls. What awakens is empathy

(2) The enormity of the moon is also among the people, the moon comes back again and again in one life, just like the people, whether they like it or not, come back once they leave.

(3) It is the nature of girls to gossip about light things.

(4) Girls do not forget to keep the outfit right even in the event of a terrible disaster.

(5) Lying is the mantra of Satan's marriage. Lying is the marriage of the devil. Being married means having children. This is the reason why many more lies have to be told after one lie. The next lies are the children of Satan.

(6) Laughter is very easy to recognize people. All people cry in the same way, but when laughing, each person laughs differently.

(7) Shy people most of the time can't speak their minds. Only crazy people can speak their minds fluently. That's why crazy people seem to be happy.

(8) The people of middle class families see the real form of the earth.

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