Quotes Lesson (3) Humayun Ahmed

 (1) Compassion is alsog a kind of love, but it is harmful love. This love makes people sick

(2) The greatest difficulty of being born a human being is that sometimes he wants to leave everything behind, but he cannot go. He has to wait. He doesn't know what to expect.

(3) If you can make someone laugh, they will believe you. She will start liking you too!

(4) We do not want to lose anyone, but we have to lose everyone.

(5) Adversity changes people, and adversity also strengthens people.

(6) Girls are happiest when they can lose their husbands in a fight. The defeated face of the husband is like winning the battle for the wife.

(7) Life is really beautiful! So beautiful that sometimes it feels unbearable.

(8) Maybe we get a lot of love from everyone around us, but no love is like the love of parents.

(9) Unrequited love always seems to be true, how many people can pay after receiving?

(71) You have shed two drops of tears for me - in return I will weep from birth to birth.

(10) People do not wait for the dead. Waiting to survive.

(11) There is no such thing as darkness, the absence of light is called darkness. There is no such thing as misery, the temporary absence of happiness is called misery.

(12) In most cases the days behind are more beautiful. For example, your school life. Those days were really great.

(13) Those who talk more are better as human beings.

(14) True. Sometimes I can't stand seeing so much beauty of nature. It seems that I have become one with nature. If God gives so much happiness on earth, what will He give in heaven?

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