Best English SMS Love Messages 2021 Give me a little love?

Best English SMS Love Messages

(1) Give me a little love? There will be no sorrow in that love, no pain of not getting it. There will be no Maya Kanna, there will be only unlimited feelings, the feelings that I will spend my whole life with.

(2) It may be easy to love someone, but it is very difficult to forget him. Love is harder than easy to forget.

(3) Why did you come to me. If you forget in a short time, I don't understand. It will happen before. It will only hurt me. This is what you wanted.

(4) Is love wrong? Or red roses. What is love happiness? Or a smile full of pain, sorrow and love? Or the throat hanging. But the mind says I love you.

(5) Roses bloomed in the rose tree, the moon rose in the sky, the whole night passed thinking about you. I first saw you in that school field, walking around in a white dress. Seeing you from afar makes you feel great, since then I have wanted to make love.

(6) You can be hidden from the eyes, not hidden from the mind. If I ask the mind, who is my own? Mind you, now your SMS is reading.

(7) I am the bird that has no home, I am the sky that has no stars in its bosom, I am the river that has no water on its banks, I am the man who has a mind but no one to understand.

(8) As much love as I have received from you. "The naughty mind wants to get more. I don't know, what's in you, why the mind wants to get closer to you."

(9) Flowers are very beautiful if you know how to decorate. Life is very colorful. If you go to color. Nature is very enchanting. If you go to see. Love is very expensive. If you go to love.

(10) Love is an address of dreams, which is easy to find, but difficult to find people with the right mind, well everyone can live, but can everyone understand love?

(11) I am in the middle of the mind, I neglect. When I get lost, Kadbi Sarabela. But if it is lost without your knowledge.

(12) You will understand me, how much I love you. That day I will be lost, away from the stars in the sky. You will one day realize how much I miss you, the day I get lost in the sands of the desert. You will realize one day, how lonely I am without you, I will not be there that day, I will be lost in this world, that little particle of soil ...!

(13) Although everything in the world is a lie, the tears in the eyes of boys are never a lie. Because if the girls do not suffer too much, they will not shed tears.

(14) How cruel are you? How is your mind? How can you forget all the time?

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