Romantic Love Status Love sms English for girlfriend 2021 Best English status


(1) Love is a strange invisible feeling that takes a person to the highest peak of happiness. Never again in the salt water of floating eyes.

(2) The drunken look of those two eyes wearing spectacles, it was raining in the stream of musal on the ground. I am at your address.

(3) I have kept it within the boundaries of my heart. Going back to say love is eighty.( How do I explain how much I love the wire?)

(4) When faith is broken, the word Sorry or Forgiveness sounds ridiculous, faith is a big thing, all kinds of relationships are built on faith.

(5) If love is precious, then why tears fall for love. If love is the name of life, then why thousands of lives are lost prematurely.

(6) If the flower can teach love, if the moon can wake up the night, if the clouds can send rain, can you not cross hundreds of obstacles to love me.

(7) The rose dries up, the moon hides, the day goes away, the birds fly away, I promised, friend, I will not go to you, I am lost, if you keep it in your heart, I will be yours.

(8) Two people in the world should love very much. One is the one who gave birth to you and the other is the one who gave birth to you.

(9) Life is a boat of water, sometimes carrying the sails of happiness, sometimes floating in the current of sorrow, sometimes it runs away with the pull of love, sometimes it stops with unknown pride

(10) In the blue envelope of the mind, the first letter is in your name.

(11) How beautiful you are, I have fallen in love, your beautiful mind, 2 people lost in love, your magic eyes, don't fool me, your beautiful smile, I love you

(13) I will decorate the house with light, I will decorate the mind with love, I will decorate the eyes with dreams, I will decorate the hands with henna, and I will decorate you with my love.

(14) If flowers can teach love, if the moon can wake up the night, if the clouds can send rain, can you not love me in the midst of hundreds of hardships.

(15) Love is a bridge between two hearts. Survival on earth depends if love exists in that life.

(16) Wrapped in a sheet of winter, standing in the fog, raising both hands, if the cold touch of the dew, the mind trembles, do not understand that I am by your side all the time.

(17) A true love can reshape a helpless life, and a false love can destroy a beautiful life.

(18) If you want to forget what you love, if you want to forget, remember more. For whom love awakens in this mind, can it be forgotten before death?

(19) I will write your name with the petals of a red rose, I will sing your song to the tune of a thousand birds, you are my life, you are my hope, my endless love for you.

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