Motivational Quotes 2021 Life Quotes in English

 (1) Whoever breaks the trust can be forgiven, but it is foolish to believe again ..... Do not forget that even after washing a thousand times, the coal remains black.

(2) Stealing the house of faith is the easiest thing in the world !!!

.... but its punishment is harsher, the judge of which is the Creator Himself.

.... so don’t be impatient waiting for justice.

The judge is silent during the hearing

(3) We are happy when the Creator fulfills our desires, but we should be twice as happy if the desires are not fulfilled !!! ........ Because the first was our will, the second was the will of the Creator

(4) Abundance on the wrong path brings unrest, honest path, easy life .. Peace by settling

(5) People inevitably make mistakes in life.

....... Some can correct their own mistakes, some can solve with the help of others.

... but he has to pay the price for the mistake, whether it is temporary or long term

(6) If someone gives you a big push, you will never break it, but you will think ......

He has done a great job pushing you because we all need such a push otherwise we will never be able to achieve anything big .......

He may be thinking in his mind that he is doing well by pushing because you have become weak,

But you should explain to him that you are not weak but have become more courageous !!

..... Such a push in the way of life is very necessary for those of us who love people extra.

It identifies the wrong people ..

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