Motivational Life Quotes, Short life Quotes in English 2021

Motivational Life Quotes, Short life Quotes in English 2021 

Motivational Life Quotes 2021

(1) It is foolish to break down thinking of the serious consequences of a problem. Remember that lightning does not mean lightning.

(2) It is possible to cut down a huge tree in just 1 hour. But it is impossible to plant seedlings in 1 hour :)

Therefore ...

Love every creation of the Creator.

Let hatred be the real reward of the destroyer

(4) The conscience of the wrongdoer is corrected. As if hearing the wrongdoer's conscience is not Roy.

(5) Pull out the negative thoughts .... the speed of life will increase

(6) The harmony that can be made between expectation and attainment is the real happiness

(7) We humans are easily discouraged. No, I can't, I don't have a fortune. We say a lot like universal truth. But the most interesting thing is that the answer that can be found by asking yourself is the exact opposite. I will be able to do it with me ....... this energy but hidden in the heart ... just you need to wake it up. The biggest challenge is to be able to take the helm with a strong hand in the battle of life.

(8) It is better to refrain from the work for which the conscience questions you.

(9) Be thankful for what you have.

Be patient, there will be better days in the future.

Remember the Creator is great and merciful.

(10) Doing injustice to the weak is as easy as water. Remember that the fruit you have to suffer as a result is as hard as stone.

(11) Never be fooled into thinking you are a fool. Remember that the deceiver is much more foolish than you because it is not possible for the Creator to deceive people.

So today or tomorrow you will be able to get out of trouble but he will have to suffer the punishment for his deeds.।

(12) Positive thoughts give assurance of life, holding negative thoughts and breathing.

(13) The sting of words is more painful than the sting of a bee. The wound of one is healed with ointment but the wound of the other remains for life.

(14) It is better to pretend or come out of ego. Don't forget that no matter how high the kite rises, the latai holder can dive into it at any time.

(15) Theft into the house of faith is an unforgivable crime. Even if all the judicial systems of the world can be evaded, a terrible punishment is inevitable in the court of the Creator .....

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